5+ Things You Guys Don’t Know About Tiffany Trump


Tiffany Trump

Beside Politics, It’s tough to be the daughter ( Tiffany Trump) of the president, just because of people ignore you when they disagree with your father’s political judgment.

But Tiffany Trump is different from Donal Trump, and she’s very cool and she also not represent her family Business. Just because she always try to live her in his world. It doesn’t matter whom you voted for, But it’s still hard for Tiffany who’s so smart, very much talented and, always good for all, definitely, she loves her mother. And here are some impressive facts you need to know about Tiffany, daughter of Donal Trump.

1. Tiffany spent Christmas 2017 at Mar-a-Lago

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First, Tiffany Trump celebrates with her mother in California, and after that, she traveled to spend time with her sister and father at Mar-a-Lago.

2. Tiffany boyfriend is a Democrat

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Well, we all know that Trump is a Republican president. However, Tiffany’s Boyfriend, Ross Mechanic, is — *gasp* — a certified Liberal source (International Business Times). Tiffany BF’s hasn’t stopped from representing political shows like the Republican National Convention with Tiffany.

3. Marla Maples Tiffany Mother

I will never forget the scandal which Marla Maples did in the ’90s when Marla have soo many affairs, after that she married Trump? Before Ivana Trump and Donal Trump Maples saw as the home-wrecker, but once the divorce settled, Maples and trump just married, later months Tiffany Trump was born. Soon babe Tiffany gets matured. You guys can say anything about Maples, But the fact is that she is still so beautiful in her 50s and Maples anyhow raised a Trump heir in near anonymity.

4. She is very close to her mother

After the Donal Trump and Maples got sperate, Tiffany and her mother walked to California and formed a healthy relationship. Maples said Oprah Winfrey on Where Are They Now? Her father always supports her daughter financially, but Tiffany always thought of herself as single parents daughter. At teenage Tiffany and her mother love to play tennis together that build a closed relationship with her mother. Tiffany Trump also talks to Daily Mail, “We’ve always been very close since she did raise me as a single mom.”

5. She’s an Ivy Leaguer

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Tiffany gets graduated in 2016, where she got a double major in sociology and urban studies. Tiffany also visited in her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania. Still, their parents get divorced among them, both mom and dad build a good relationship; also they support Tiffany along with siblings Ivanka and Barron.

A translation of that report initially published in August 2014.

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6. Tiffany is an aspiring pop star

"Be curious, not judgmental." – Walt Whitman

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Tiffany also wants to become a pop star in her teenage years, and we everyone want to one something different.

In an interview with Daily Mail, she reveals that ” I love Music, Music is very close to my heart, and it’s more than my hobby till now, I will also try in a couple of years to take it to the next level as a professional level. Tiffany Trump right now focuses on school.”

Tiffany also released a song name “Like a Bird,” which is a little Paris Hilton-ish.

7. Tiffany is not tall like her big sister.

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Both sisters look like a model Ivanka and Tiffany, but Ivanka is the daughter of trump first marriage ex-wife Ivana. Who is taller than Two, Ivanka height is approximately 5feet, 11inches, while Tiffany hight is less than 3 inches 5feet, 8inches look like a supermodel.

8. Tiffany Trump got a vast Instagram following

Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results.

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Right now Tiffany Trump has more than a million followers, and she also has a friendship with Kyra Kennedy plus EJ Johnson, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Magic Johnson respectively, She regularly posts on Instagram, and her pics are like traveling, stylish clothes, and vacations with friends.

9. Tiffany is not the red-haired stepchild

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Are you surprised? Right! Don’t be because of Donal trump hair grew up on the West Coast and their siblings grew in New York, You can’t imagine how much tiffany trump high school education cost more than $31,000, and she also travels in her father private plane, and even her model sister, Ivanka also got an opportunity to get an internship at Vogue in the United States.

But as a father Donal Trump always proud of her because she is still good at study and most beautiful person.

Donal Trump said that she always be a terrific student, but whenever she bright report card to me, the teachers write she is the most beautiful person.

‘Tiffany’s marks are an A, but more importantly, she’s one of the nicest students we’ve ever had,'” Donald said.

10. Tiffany Trump also visited Georgetown


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That prestigious Georgetown law school is in Washington D.C., which might indicate more experience by Ivanka.

Here are some Tiffany Trump Instagram Pictures :

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Happy Birthday dad @realdonaldtrump. I love you! 🎈

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