Shakira and her husband Gerard Got Breakup Finally: Love Is Dead.


What is happening to Hollywood loves recently?

I couldn’t understand why our all favorite start couples had broken up, what going on. Ummm, now Shakira and Gerard Pique have broken up their relationship.

The source from Mailonline, the couple is no longer being together. Also, the singer was the one to stimulate the breakup.

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According to the Spanish newspaper, Cotillo: Now it’s difficult, for Shakira who already made her final decision.

“[She] could no longer cope with the situation.”

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According to source singer, Shakira has two young sons with her Spanish footballer beau of six years relationship, ‘could no longer cope with the situation.’

Instagram: Shakira

The news arrives weeks of thinking about the pair’s relationship status in the Colombian press.

Both the couple was last seen together on June in Argentina at the marriage of Gerard’s former Barcelona teammate Lionel Messi to his teenage lover Antonella Roccuzzo.

Now Shakira turn 40, has two sons one is four-year-old Milan, and other is two-year-old Sasha with Gerard, 30.

When this news comes among professional problem for Gerard, who was booed with fans while he set out for the Spanish national team on Monday.

The adverse reaction occurred then the Barcelona-born sportsperson tweeted his interest for Catalan independence happening this week’s dubious choice.

Now Shakira turn 40, has two sons one is four-year-old Milan, and other is two-year-old Sasha with Gerard, 30.

Picture don’t lie, we all know that singer Shakira always supports her FC Barcelona lovely boyfriend on his parenting habit, she said that her boyfriend was ‘biggest support’ of her while it’s on parenting he always raising their children.

Shakira husband Gerard Piqué

She said: ‘He’s got his feet on the ground and is very practical about problem-solving. When I get stressed about how to make things or juggle it all, he helps put it all in perspective.

‘And he is my biggest support. We’re both very hands-on parents, so it never feels like one is carrying the entire load on their own. He probably lets them have a little more chocolate than I’d like, though.’


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