Evolution of Cars: 5 Ways Cars Has Changed Since The 70s


Everyone loves the cars, but did you know? How this Evolution of Cars has taken place since the 70s.

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Started from 70’s classic automobile. It was so sleek, fast, American made, and ubiquitous. There are lot’s of changed taken place the way cars works since then, a lot’s of things that James Dean did not notice at that time what we found today. So, let’s start: Here are the Evolution of Cars: 5 Ways Cars Has Changed.

Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS)

Evolution of Cars

1. Evolution of Cars: The braking system is the essential part when suddenly someone came in front of your car into the middle of the road! In that case, What do you do? In case, your vehicle was designed any time before the 90’s, and you pushed on the brakes, your car wheel locked up, and you can only pray for that your car will stop complete without any injured all over the road or you may kill that person in the street.

Air Conditioning (AC)

Evolution of Cars
Color detail with the air conditioning button inside a car shot with very shallow depth of field, Macro photography

2. Evolution of Cars: In early 1970, there were only a few cars in the United States which Had Air Condition in them! It means you have to drive your vehicle without air condition or used small fans in your car or you may install your own air condition into your air, or drive your car by putting down half of the windows rolled down – which shows that you can’t effort air condition car or you were poor too.

Power Steering


3. Evolution of Cars: Power Steering is so useful nowadays, but in the early 1970’s and before there was no power steering, it only depends on the physical strength of the driver who turns the wheel – lot’s of time they required to used both hands. However, it’s comfortable to use nowadays because of power steering provided in every car; you can be used only a finger to turn a car!

Computers In The Engine


4. Evolution of Cars: In today’s world, every car function managed by the engine – or sometimes the car itself – worked by a computer system which recognized as the Engine Control Unit or ECU. The main work of ECU is to acknowledge all sensors to fix air intake, how quick the car idles, and how fast the pipes operate, and gearbox controls the other element of the car. But in the late 70’s, there was no way of “self-righting” themselves, and all the plugged put into the car by hand itself. Which damaged the engine inside itself, as the stipulations required for city driving were different than highway driving!

Power windows

5. Evolution of Cars: In 2010! US government announced that all cars must have compulsory power windows. But in the late 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s used to have a small crackpot which you would turn to roll a window open or shut manually. If you require to open windows of your car why do we say “roll the window down?” It’s because Y’all used to had to use your muscles to roll the windows down physically! After automatic windows replaced that manually shut, which is very useful for us nowadays.

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