Celeste Barber Came With New Hilariously Recreate Celebrity Instagram Pics, And The Result Is Always Better Than The Original


This time again famous Australian comedian Celeste Barber came up with some hilariously photoshop of international celebrity Instagram photos. In 2015, barber went viral for her hilariously photoshop from that day she starts to entertain the folks with the recreations and now she has 4.5m Instagram followers herself, and some celebrity fans like the Kardashians.

Celeste Barber went viral overnight sensation; Celeste also works onscreen in some Australian shows like All Saints, Home & Away and comedy series How Not to Behave. Apart from that picture which she recreates the #celestechallengeaccepted project, started as some joke between Celeste and her sister. “We would see some celebrity on social media saying, ‘This is me, just dropping my kids off at school.’ Well, this is what I look like dropping my kids off at school,” she said the Daily Telegraph.

Nobody knows when you’re personal things changed into a viral sensation after that a body positivity movement. Different people get inspired differently by the actresses photos, but Celeste shows the different meaning which got appreciated by her fans “Sure, I am a feminist, and who gives a sh*t about what you look like? But I can get people laughing,” said Barber, “That’s how I get my message across. Don’t ask me what my message is though, ’cause f*cked if I know.”
Now she came up with some new collection of gag and hilarious poses so scroll down and laughs!

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  1. What the actual….? And I’m wondering about the original.

2. The difference in expressions is hilarious.

Celeste barber

3. And where is wine?

4. Cooking be like

5. Taste Matter

6. Who did Better? 

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8. Love her facial expression

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