10+ Weird Lifehacks Nobody Knows How To Do It For


Sometimes we face that problem which needs a creative solution. It may happen that drive you down all kinds of beautiful, rare, surprising directions. Unitile you complete your work, right?

And that’s how lifehacks work, right. Lifehacks always make some sense. And sometimes, a bit weird. And even more surprising, some of them work!

1. This is the new way of wiping down a whiteboard.

Reddit | Ethics

I wish all the student were paying attention because of this person already things about things.

2. Yes, doughnuts are very trending at weddings, and I bet it’s the clever use of space, but even I can’t think a better way than that.

Reddit | LittleAmbitions

3. That’s the new way to hide all the scratch.

This is so creative!! Love it.

4. A new way to control, not to lose remote.

Reddit | Blarnigan

5. That is called real lifehacks creativity, and I’m not sure how many of us regularly used a razor like this but no handle, however, this is an excellent technique a solution.


Reddit | Redneckengineering

It looks easy to handle and more creative as well.

6. There are many places which contain sperate tabs for cold and hot water, but here it makes easier, you don’t need to suffer for that.

Reddit | SophieJiffy

7. How people drink coffee in Singapore, definitely a new way to drink coffee.

Reddit | googlymooglygooby

I don’t understand what’s the purpose of this, I mean cup have some meaning, but how can you drink tea like this.

8. Those of us who have to wear glasses know the struggle of breaking an arm off all too well.

I would usually just tape it back together, but I suppose replacing it with a pencil would do the trick, too.

9. This woman made a mobility scooter out of a hoverboard, furniture dolly, and a cooler.

Reddit | exit143

10. You can’t see em, but they’re there. Trust me.

Reddit | DabneyEatsIt


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