6 Abs Exercises Which Will Reduce Your Belly Fat


Now summer is going to over soon, but you can still work on your belly fat. The most challenging task when it comes to reducing belly fat is making abs visible. The rectus abdominis muscle is capable of flexing the lumbar spine, and it performs a primary role in respiration. Moreover, you can see this muscles as a 4, 6, 8, or even 10 pack. Also here are some abs exercises that can reduce your belly fat.

abs exercises


For more effective results, it is essential to exercise all body part.

Upper Abs Exercises

One of the most effective abs exercises for the upper abs muscles is sprinter sit-ups.

  • lay down with your back
  • Now, you have to make an alternative movement with your hand and knee, bend your left knee to the chest and to bend the right arm upward as if running.
  • to get the exact position
  • Do same as with other right knee and left arm.

Lower Abs Exercises

The scissor exercise is an excellent pick for shaping your lower abs exercises.

  • Just lay down on your back, put your arm under your hips, also raise your head above the ground.
  • Now, raise your right leg as much as you can, on the other hand, your left leg should be hanging just above the ground.
  • Do the same steps. Repeat several times.

6-Pack Abs Exercises

Reverse crunches can be used to train your regimen.

  • Lie down on your back and place your arm under your hips.
  • Now, raise your leg and bend it firmly, and lift them near your chest.
  • Slowly put your knee down just off the floor.
  • Do the same thing repeatedly

Oblique Muscles

Train your oblique muscles with Russian twist which is the most common exercise.

  • Sit down on the ground, and fold your leg and remember that your feet must be a little bit off the floor.
  • Try to make a 45° angle with your back, and it must be above the ground.
  • Both your hand kept together and kept away from the body. To make your exercise more active, just put some extra weight to get additional benefit.
  • Rotate your hand from side to side in a twisting movement.
  • Do the same steps. Repeat various times.


One of the most healthy looking exercise, but much challenging to do. Plank improve your lot’s of different body muscles.

  • Make a position of the upper pushup with bent elbows.
  • Hold that position as much as you can.

Core Muscles

Sliding pike:

  • Make a pushup position, but your hand should be straight. Remember that you should have the smooth floor and not carpeted. If your floor remains carpeted, you can use paper plates as sliders, or buy professional sliders.
  • Now, slowly lift your hips and push your toes upward your arms without bending your knees. Your position will look like in V shape.
  • Now maintain the pose and back your knees to the same position.

Now try this abs exercises at your home. If you have some more effective abs exercises for a different muscle group? Then share your knowledge with us in the comments!


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