“Lost In Japan” Shawn Menden Video Is Out Now, And Here’s What You Need To Know About


I am pretty much excited to watch Shawn Mendes premiere a new song video for his latest single “Lost In Japan,”

Youtube: Shawn Mendes

What you may have noticed in the video looks a bit similar, well, that’s because the concept of the idea was inspired by Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning film Lost In Translation.

Lost In JapanLost In Japan

Youtube: Shawn Mendes

And TBH, all scenes we’re pretty meticulously done, paying homage to the iconic source material:

Lost In Japan






























All Pic Source Youtube: Shawn Mendes

Great Job, Shawn! For Lost In Japan

sland / youtube.com

And I love this shower GIF because let’s be real *Lost In Japan*

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