20+ Random Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Whole Day


When people fail there is always no reason, it’s all random pictures when they post on the internet. But they will surely make you a good laugh, and it’s always entertaining right! So here at the logical bible, we choose some random pictures for you to entertain the whole day. Check out these 26 random and hilarious pictures that will cheer your day.

1. The internet is always full of entertaining and random pictures. It’s very difficult to find the best one when it comes to picking from one of them. There are some random pictures which include Animal images, Twitter fails, texting fails, Reddit fails and more. However, it’s not okay to make fun or laugh at them, but when it comes to a safe-fail on the Internet, it’s difficult to hold.

As we all can see in this first image, what this person wants to say is clearly expressed well. However, he failed to judge the right flag. It’s the thought that numbers though, right? So at least try to clear the doubt of this person. Maybe its possible tying error or he is not that good with flags. Nevertheless, this person had the right intention in mind, and we should not make fun of him due to the right purpose. I’ll have to agree it is pretty entertaining.Random Pictures

Imgur / garlicsmile

2. It’s very difficult to say no more drinks now when you are doing a party with your friends. Exactly same looks you give when you remember you shouldn’t drink anymore; however, you are motivated by one last drink. But this “last” drink put you in trouble or maybe police drop home. Drink safely, everyone!random pictures

Instagram / @unemployed_professors

3. Well, this picture is spot on. Cyberbullying is common throughout the world; still, there are a group of folks who are not affected are the Amish, for some reasons. I even remember when we don’t have cell phones or the internet. I must say I miss those days very much.Random Picturesreddit / SloppyPeriodFarts

4. I must say the girl is very creative in answering the questions when this girl doesn’t know the answer. The girl believed she could misguide her mistress; still, the girl was called out for it. In case if I was a teacher, I will give her extra bonus points for being creative and talented. Because sometimes these things make us happy, not every day we see someone think outside of the box like that!

reddit / not_today_system

5. The image represents the situation of every human being at some point in their lives thinking about their bad choices. That isn’t sure the walk of guilt, but it’s more like the “thought process” of regret. In this situation, all you can do is hope you learned from your poor life decisions.random pictures

Instagram / @turntfortom

6. People were thanking Leonardo DiCaprio for helping US Olympic archery team. This picture went viral on the internet because people were comparing with Leonardo DiCaprio’s with this American athlete from the Olympic archery team. How lucky you are if you were compared with Leonardo Dicaprio? I would definitely take his autograph if I saw this athlete in public.

Imgur / thelastfortnight

7. An elevator should be safe and comfortable to use. However, this elevator makes me so confused, and someone left tough when analyzing to count to five. I really wanted to know the reason behind this experiment or ridiculous position of the floor switches on this elevator. I would not choose to live in this building.

reddit / Madman644

8. Bill Murray is one of the smartest guys around. It feels incredible to see a routine Joe compete in the Olympics for the reference. Maybe it creates the good laugh or perhaps discomfort, and a full load of TV coverage. Still, then over, Olympic athletes receive their places there, so having a regular Joe attend wouldn’t correctly be fair, would it?

Imgur / secretinternetidentity

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