The Incredible Story Of Melanie Gaydos, 28-Year-Old Model Model With Rare Genetic Disorder Changing The Modeling Industry


My mom always said this to me that world is so incredibly different. So many different cultures and languages are which makes our earth so special and unique. Now, it’s quite unique and exciting because the fashion industry shows this same reality. Meet model Melanie Gaydos, she is a 28-year-old fashion model who was born with Ectodermal Dysplasia. Melanie Gaydos doesn’t look like other models. She’s okay with that, even if other people aren’t. The Huffington Post is reporting that Seattle-based model Melanie Gaydos wishes to give to this work.Melanie Gaydos

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Doctore say that Melanie Gaydos suffering from this genetic diseases because of the Ectodermal dysplasia hits the outer layer of tissue of the egg that is efficient for forming up the skin, hair, teeth, sweat glands and nails. Report of the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias, this disease is sporadic in the United States.However, 200,000 people are facing this condition. Gaydos is partially blind because of an eyelash growth that scratched her eyes, has alopecia, and has survived three different dental implants — finally opting to remove her dentures entirely due to her eating choices, as reported by The Independent.Melanie Gaydos

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Melanie’s report of the situation showed that she was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. The growth of her pores, nails, and teeth was also affected. For her eye, mouth, and ears she had almost 40 surgeries just to correct them said to The Huffington Post. It was very difficult for us to deal with, Still Melanie, she tells that she find a way to cope with it: “I definitely found a way of coping with [ectodermal dysplasia] just in how I perceive and accept my body, how it looks and how it functions.”


The model endured bullying in elementary school and is even open about once having suicidal thoughts. She leaned into her creativity to pull herself into a better place.

Gaydos tells Elite Daily,

I always try to do more work hard and getting more hopeful and faithful to myself. I knew that there are more things to come in my life that’s why I am still here or otherwise I quite already before. I always think positive and get out of the negativity. It was really hard but I realized a lot with creating in general. That’s what got me through my days.

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However, Miss Melanie get the ideas to deal with her condition, the Independent describes even open about once having suicidal thoughts as if she was deadly or seriously ill. She also mentions that at the age of 26, Melanie got three dental implants and experienced her first set of dentures, time change she got a chance in a reality television show The Doctors. However, approx eight months later she removed it and never wore it again. As per the Independent, she said: “I also found I was more comfortable with myself how I am, without any enhancements. Maybe other people think I am incomplete, but that is only because they have teeth or know what that is like and cannot understand or picture what it’s like without any. I don’t miss having teeth because I never really had them to begin with.”Melanie Gaydos

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The Huffington Post tried to get more information reason behind her condition. They spoke to Dr. Latanya Benjamin, who is the medical director of pediatric dermatology at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, Florida. Dr. Latanya said that reason behind this condition occurred to those people who spend more time in overheat in hot temperatures, so extra water, air, and shadow are essential. Melanie Gaydos told that at the childhood she never drank so much water. But when she grownup she can handle different environments.

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Melanie Gaydos said to the Huffington Post that modeling is not my first choice because of her condition. However, as Melanie Gaydos said that while studying at the Pratt Institute in New York, she got chance of being the central title in a photograph. Now, she thought to emails her favorite photographer who she followed and appreciated, and now photographer called her to click some pictures with him.

After changing her career tracks, Melanie decided her goal to break the high-fashion modeling. If you like her pictures, she has just completed a shoot for i-D magazine’s summertime edition. She also responds: “There are simply not enough ‘different’ people fighting to be in whatever spot or position.”


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