28 Amazing Side Boob Tattoos You Fall in Love With Anyone


Tattoos show our personality, faiths, ideas, thoughts, and character. They represent about the person as who we are and define the nature of our beings. Tattoos are an excellent way to show your feelings or personality, who we are how we live, how we look.

Finally, you have to decide where you want to get one because there is some part of the body which is difficult to manage in terms of style. Still, so many women get a side boob tattoos to have a world of ideas ahead of them. It’s pretty difficult to manage those tattoos because while you get tattooed on your body is permanent, so you should be ready for that, to live with that tattoo for the rest of your life! Here are 28 amazing Side Boob tattoos you fall in love with anyone for sure.

1.  Love Yourself First

Tattoo contains a beautiful message that everyone wants to follow. Those folks who face difficulty with people-pleasing, need to learn to stop and start thinking they’re real-life important for a moment. You should love your self first, and I must say this tattoo always remind us to love your self first then everything looks beautiful, and happiness is everywhere.Side Boob Tattoos


2. The Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are my personal favorite because of their capability and strength. Hummingbirds are the only one who can fly upwards and backward, and the fact is they can fly from upwards of 33 miles per hour. That’s one fast bird! I love this person tattoo representing the strength and capability of humans freedom.Side Boob Tattoos


3. Sprouting Flower

Flowers designs tattoo is always the first choice for newbies, still this flower design quite impressive. See how they quite actually grow right out of the heart. That classic design is touching, brief and humble. I really love the way it brings whole new level in the world of “flower power.”


4. Mermaid on the Moon

Mermaid tattoo looks simply beautiful, and such a new wat can be reimagined for a new look. The Mermaid is easily gripping the moon, wish, pining for something. She is covered by magical stones that display easily throughout her. I totally agree the tattoo is so beautiful, stunning! Nice Job!Side Boob Tattoos


5. Hope

Hope was that word when you heard this word it will make you relaxed, and it’s pretty much self- explanatory. Maybe tattoos give the message of hope for the people who are suffering from breast cancer, or maybe it’s message of hope against bad time in your life, against war, or for poor people. However, It doesn’t matter what user wants to express with word “hope,” but this simple calligraphy style of the word “hope” is classic, beautiful, and gives strength to every person. Really very nice job.Bravo!

Instagram | hjsoutwood

6. Sketched Flowers with Watercolor

First, when I saw this tattoo, I simply noticed methodical in their placement. How they used colors silently which gives a fantastic monochromatic triangle within a diamond shape. However, the tattoo makes us learn to put your more effort, creative ideas about how we can use flowers within shapes and simply charming.

Side Boob Tattoos

Instagram | everlyfinebridal

7. Watercolor Dream Catchers

Dream Catchers or asabikeshiinh (the Ojibwe word for Spider) which form a net with hand woven willow branches and sometimes they appeared like a scary item like wings. Dreamcatchers were killed up cradles to protect the babies. However, you can see this in every culture and they show their beauty in more ways than just protection.

Side Boob Tattoos

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 8. Little Wildflowers

Tattoos show simplicity and beautiful elegant in his way. Maybe it represents the person who owns this tattoos. It’s understandable, delightful, and which shows the resiliency of wildflowers in rough ground. Hat’s off to the creature who show the simplicity and meaning full lesson.

Side Boob Tattoos


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