12 Shower Mistakes That We All Do On Daily Lifestyle


Do you know? about 1.5 years of our life we all spend in the bathroom. Also 6 months in taking a shower as well spent. However, these statistics do not matter much because hygiene plays an important role in our lives. But if I said that while taking shower, we all do some mistakes that affect our health, do you believe? Yes, Here are some 12 Shower Mistakes that we all do on daily basis.

Mistake № 1. We don’t take a shower after a workout.

Shower Mistakes

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So many people believe, just because of body smell they should take a shower immediately after a workout. However, that’s not the only reason: sweating increases the growth level of bacteria on our skin that can cause a blemish. So, we will advise you to take a regular shower right after the workout to keep your body away from the skin problem.

Mistake № 2. We cover our dry hair in a towel.


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After taking a shower, our hair always gets weak and easily breakable. Now how to avoid this? We suggest you not to cover your hair with a towel after taking a shower. Also, the hair seems less clean and spruce, because of sebaceous glands start working more actively. So, this shower mistakes may be shaved your head, so be careful.

Mistake № 3. Do you take a regular shower and clean our hair every day.

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People who are facing hair fall problem should use this method to maintain their hair balance. Don’t wash your hair regularly, Twice a week is enough so that the balance of moisture in the hair will be equal.

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Plus, remember that taking a regular shower may harm your skin because water will wash off the good bacteria, then your head itches and dehydrates the skin. Which will definitely increase the chance of having a skin disease.

Mistake № 4. Try to Take Shower In Different Variation.

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Whenever you are taking a shower to remember at the end take a 30-second bath with cold water. Which will help your immune system stronger, also you will get stress resistance, and work as an anti-depressant. However, you should always remember that don’t take a regular shower right before sleep, and it might cause you insomnia.

Mistake № 5. Shaving your legs right before a pedicure done.

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If you are facing some scratches problem on your feet, that might be caused because of you have shaved your legs before having a pedicure complete, so remember don’t shave your legs.

Mistake № 06. After taking a bath, we forgot our sponge under the shower.

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If you forgot a sponge after taking a shower, you are welcoming more bacteria, because in wet condition bacteria born faster. So, always remember that you should place the sponge in cleaned and in the dry area.

Mistake № 07. Always forgot to clean our bathtub, whenever we take a shower.

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Always remember to clean your bathtub, whenever you take a shower. The wet conditions stimulate the generation of bacteria like E. coli. Cleaning the tub regularly can stop a disease.

Mistake № 08. Keep the same towel for a long time.

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Remember not to use the same towel for an extended period. In case towel in not dry well, then it may be caused some bacterial infection. Microbiologist Philip Tierno suggests applying the same towel no more than three times before cleaning it.

Mistake № 09. Always forgot the razor in the bathroom.

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If you use the razor before after taking a shower, remember just leave razor on a towel to drain. One more thing, change your razor blade regularly.

Mistake № 10. We placed the soap dish incorrect way.

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In case you guys are using a soap dish to put soap in your bathroom, remember wet water get out from it. Other, you were inviting bacteria family.

Mistake № 11. We never clean your shower head

Shower Mistakes

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This is the most common shower mistakes we all do, Right! If I asked you when thou washed your shower head, I think many of you say no. If you notice on the shower head, you will find some plaque on it, which is more unpropitious for your health. This time more dangerous disease may cause, lung diseases.

Mistake № 12. We don’t clean our toes regular.

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Many people don’t wash their feet, depending upon their own reason. But if you don’t wash your feet regularly, you might face a toenail fungus Problem. So, please wash your feet daily with soap.

In the end, we will hope that our article (shower mistakes) will helpful for you because health is wealth, Right! If you think we have missed some other important points that tell us in the comment section below. If you find any mistakes in this article, you can also contact us.

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Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina

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