The Untold Story Of ‘Billy The Exterminator’


Did you remember Billy Bretherton? Yes, of course, you will because of his greatest reality shows, Billy The Exterminator the man behind that show was Billy Bretherton, I know I might be stretching just a little bit here, but I must say that show was entertaining. I mean everyone loves to watch a man with long-haired hillbillies pick rodents and insects all day long? after a successful six-season run, Billy and his group clearly disappeared into thin air…

In 2009 the show premiered launched Billy The Exterminator, people love the concept of real-life duties of a pest control worker in Louisiana.

Billy The Exterminator
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However, there are so many other characters who highlighted on the tv show Billy The Exterminator.

Not only Billy but also family members highlighted on the Tv shows such as Big Bill, Donnie, and Ricky also got featured.

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Pam, Billy ex-wife, also used to work with them, but she quit the first season of the show for some personal reasons halfway. However, after that Billy remarried, and his wife acting was so natural in front of the cameras.

Throughout the season of Billy The Exterminator, Billy and his family becoming popular for their work in reality superstars.

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I must say the show contains excellent ratings and almost broke the 100 episode threshold.

However, the show was canceled after six seasons; they told the to the audience.

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After that, they don’t give any reason why…

Then something occurred?

Yes, finally Billy told he was shifting to Illinois just because of his family condition, so he has to leave Louisana.

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Because of that show was canceled. Still, Billy didn’t have as much control in his life, and many other things are running in his life.

However, After a year later, Billy with his wife Mary was both got arrested at drug charges.

Because of someone call to 911, police reached to their Louisiana hotel room to catch the two in ownership of extensive amounts of the counterfeit drug.

Both people were also found in ownership of things applied to smoke narcotics.


Both people surrendered to the court.

However, just because of Billy behavior and judge also deal with sweetly, He didn’t spend any time in jail.

Newtown Farm

That’s it. Now Billy needs to pay a $500 fine, have to complete four eight-hour days of community help, experienced animal abuse evaluation and drove clear of narcotics and liquor.

But where is Billy The Exterminator now?

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According to Billy website, he is working on his new Tv show, which is going to be telecast on CMT.

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The name of the show is called Billy Goes North, with the same idea but unique content, we all were going to see how billy takes care of pest control through Canada.

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It’s said to air sometime this September.

Is this the successful return of our famous exterminator?

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