Celebrity Insured Body Parts And Their Worth Are Way More Precious Than Diamonds


We know most celebrities have the cash to burn, but it doesn’t sink in until you read about one of them buying an island or spending vast amounts of money on something you know they’ll never use. Case in point, at least for most, is the crazy insurance a lot of these people dish out for their bodies – inside and out.

From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, check out how much your favorite celebrity insured body parts are worth. Is it more precious than Diamonds?

Julia Roberts: Smile insured for £20 million ($25.5 million)

Celebrity Insured Body Parts
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This wondrous Pretty Woman from the 90s memorable days is an “ahh…” to our aching love.
She has not insured her body party but something different, which makes her different too. We arranged to have an excellent entry to the list.

That Smile.

Instagram – Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts: Smile insured for £20 million ($25.5 million). I know, it’s sound hilarious for everyone still, just look closely at her beautiful smile and tell me why not…!!

Tina Turner: Leg insured for £1.5 million ($1.9 million)

Facebook: TinaTurner

I know many of you don’t recognize this 80s, sensational women, that times of John Elton and Queen. At the age of 79-year-old, her smile is still enough to set the stage on fire. What’s on her superiority?


Instagram: TinaTurner

Tina Turner insured her leg’s for £1.5 million ($1.9 million).

Dolly Parton: The Bosom insured for worth: £400k ($511k)

Instagram: Dolly Parton

Dolly 72-year American singer and songwriter did right thing insured at the right time.

The Bosom!

Instagram: Dolly Parton

Weighing just 52 Kgs, with a bottom size of 38 and a bosom of 40DD (implants), Dolly is OMG plus IDB (I don’t believe).

Worth: £400k ($511k).

Jennifer Lopez: Butt Insured for £17 million ($21.7 million)

Instagram: Jennifer

Almost everybody knows about Jennifer Lopez and her insured buttocks. The girl ain’t taking risks, and she really shouldn’t be for her $27 million insurance will cover any-booty problem in times of crisis.

The Butt

Jennifer Lopez



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