25 Unrevealed Facts Respecting Heath Ledger’s Joker


Heath Ledger Joker

A negative role represents the person personality, which shows how bad a character is. But there are only a few negative role performances that are as honored as the late Heath Ledger Joker aka Heath Andrew Ledger, a bravura portrayal of Batman’s iconic villain in Christopher Nolan’s movie The Dark Knight. The role which shows the reality of life earned Ledger huge blessing and many awards, including a posthumous Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

People will always remember late Heath Ledger Joker, and his performance shows the reality of life, many of us do not understand how deep the famous actor dove to channel the disturbed supervillain. So, we bring some of the remarkable facts about Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Gotham City’s insane master criminal, The Joker.

Do you want to know why I use a knife? Guns are too quick. You can’t savor all the… little emotions. In… You see, in their last moments, people show you who they really are. So in a way, I know your friends better than you ever did. Would you like know which of them cowards? 
                                                                                            – Heath Ledger Joker
1. One of the surprising fact about Heath Ledger is, for his character joker he finds a way to get more in the role of a disturbed mindset of the Joker, also work hard on his performance due to Jack Nicholson’s previous effort. To get more in-depth into the psychology of the role, Ledger locked himself in for six weeks. Ledger spends his most of the time alone, to think like a criminal mastermind the Joker’s evil laugh and voice to make the part his own.
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2. If you have watched The Dark Knight, there is a seen in which Joker sent two homemade videos to GCN (Gotham City News) which was created by the Joker himself to raise fear amongst people. Heath Ledger actually directed these videos. In the first video, we have seen the Joker hurting a fake Batman, which director Christopher Nolan supervised. But, after seeing Ledger impressive work on own personal direction of the video, he provides full control to the actor and felt no need to be there when it came time to shoot the scene where anchor Mike Engel states the Joker’s assertion.
3. Both the actors Michael Caine and Maggie Gyllenhaal don’t see Ledger as a Joker makeup and outfit before shooting the party scene at Wayne Enterprises where the Joker smashes the party.
Confused by Ledger’s character as the personality, it’s been proclaimed that Maggie Gyllenhaal couldn’t even watch at him and Michael Caine simply forgot his lines.
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4. Ledger himself did all the makeup because he stated that his character didn’t grant permission to anyone else to makeover his makeup for him. However, the makeup team always work hard to change Ledger’s makeup design during production. The Joker look gets motivated by Brandon Lee’s role in The Crow, an actor who also passed away before their film’s release.
Fakta Heath Ledger pemeran Joker 
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5. The most deadly scene in The Dark Knight is when the Joker starts mockingly clapping inside of his prison room when Gordon gets raised to Commissioner. Christopher Nolan did not decide the scene, Ledger recreated his sarcastic deadpan applause during the take. However, the performance was so real he didn’t stop Ledger and motivated the team to continue filming without hesitation.
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6. One of the important things is to notice that Ledger constantly licks his lip during the portrayal of the Joker. And he did this because to keep his mouth moist, which is required so that Ledger could speak in Joker’s voice. Many people things that Heath Ledger has a disturbing habit of licking mouth, but he emphasised it, to keep his performance faithful.
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7. People said that before during the performance Ledger always some dark headspace so that the cloud stay in character. But even more interesting fact about his character is how quickly Ledger was able to turn it on and off. When the camera is off cast and crew can see a real Ledger very much himself, and also take his skateboard around set in full costume.
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8. When it came to serving his performance Ledger always want to make every scene real as much as he could perform. That scene where Batman cross-examines the Joker, Ledger requested to Christian Bale to hit him as hard as possible he did not hold back so that the scene becomes more authenticity and realism.
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