Pokémon GO Fest 2019: Special Spawns, Shiny Horsea, WorldWide Challenges, and Jirachi




Pokémon GO Fest 2019: Pokémon GO Fest started in Chicago, for those who don’t know, Every year Pokémon GO fans celebrate this fest. It’s third Pokémon GO Fest, a yearly event where folks gather to the windy city to hang out, catch Pokémon and travel a variant of Grant Part with a pretty severe Pokémon Challange. However, the Pokémon GO event space is decidedly more extensive in size, so the event isn’t limited. The world will get global challenges, special shinies, and the first Pokemon spawns.

Pokeom GO Fest

The global event begins on Thursday, June 13 at 9:00 AM PDT.

Special Spawns:

People in Chicago will get a bit of a bonus, get the most valuable spawns. However, Pokémon spawning at Go Fest will appear worldwide in raised figures, so we’ll see whatever these wind up being.

Pokémon Go Fest

Shiny Horsea:

Now’s let’s talk about the price for the upcoming weekend. There will be more Horsea spawning increased across the globe, with a shot at the shiny as well. Don’t judge a book by its cover fit for Horsea, with a variety of teal color, but change into blueish and then purple, since it turns into Seadra and Kingdra. But it’s challenging to get this, and if you are lucky, you will quickly get it or need a concerted attempt to get one. Check all the short seahorses you can find, and maybe you’ll stumble on a shiny.

shiny horsea pokemon go

World Wide Challenges:

Pokémon GO comes with its own challenges for all around the world. In other words, you will find four big groups of trainers: first all three teams, after that the trainers actually at the game.
Every group gets some special task, which they need to complete to open exclusive global bonuses later the event, and those who complete their jobs will get a special day of raids. For Pokémon GO Fest the final gift will be a shiny Raikou Raid day, and frankly speaking, Folks tend to complete these tasks so efficiently.


Pic Gamepur

It’s officially confirmed that Jirachi is the new fictitious that company is releasing beside Pokémon GO Fest. People who are attending this event will need to complete a single, one-day study of personal research to get their own after that Jirachi will be released all around the world. It shouldn’t be too wait: Celebi told up last year reasonably immediately after appearing at GO Fest.

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