Twinkle Sharma Case Epic Twist, Lawyers In Aligarh Say No One Will Appear For Accused




Twinkle Sharma
Twinkle Sharma

All the Lawyers of the Aligarh Bar Association, raise their hand that they will not fight for the accused person in the murder case of two-year-old Twinkle Sharma, reports ANI.

Anoop Kaushik,General Secretary, Aligarh Bar Association: We stand with the family of 2.5-year-old girl who was murdered in Tappal & no advocate will appear in Court for the accused. Advocate from outside will not be allowed to fight the case. We will fight for the child.

The little child name Twinkle Sharma, On 30 May 2019 She was killed by two accused, Zahid and Aslam, and her grandfather, her body chopped multiple times, Eyes gouged out & one arm chopped off body partially burnt, was found in a dumping ground on 2 June in Tappal, Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh . All because Twinkle’s father demanded Rs 10000 which Mohammad had owed.

Authorities were criticized for dragging their feet in the case, While local police registered an FIR after missing 30 hours.

According to the Post-Morten report announced by the Aligarh police rape haven’t been confirmed yet

Social Media was left furious as soon as the news was flashed. Many celebrities and the netizens came in support of Twinkle Sharma wishing to bring a difference:


So the has clarified on all the rumours surrounding Twinkle Sharma . Reproducing their tweet here 👇In any case this does not make it a less in-human crime & the culprits MUST be punished ASAP


Words like Shock, Sad, Sorry or Shame are not enough for the The horrible, barbaric rape and murder of a 3 year old In Aligarh.


Firstly, we humans need to hang our heads in shame. Disgusting, Pathetic and heartbreaking. The least that’s expected now is to ensure justice. Get the culprits eliminated. Swift action is the need of the hour!


For Rs 10,000? This is disturbing. and no one alive deserves this. She was 2.5 YO from Uttar Pradesh raped, strangled to death and her eyes gouged out. Not just this, every rapist should hang till death! Possibly TWICE! How cruel?


Im sorry Twinkle that you had to you live in a world where Humans no longer understand Humanity!!!! May God look over you for Eternity as you are an Angel !!!!


Just so disgusted and angered hearing about . How can somebody even think of doing such a thing?!?! Speechless….





I don’t know where we are going, is committing the crime is that easy? Folks like this should be hanged without much ado so that no one has to go through this ever again. We want justice for Twinkle Sharma!