World Most Expensive Nokia Phones: Price, Full Specifications & Features




When iPhone X and Samsung Note 10 latest smartphone ruling the industry, Nokia even has it’s one of the most expensive phones, there is some chance that we can’t afford this expensive mobile phone, but we can still dream – World most expensive Nokia!

If you talk about on the note on 1-10 where one stands for affordable smartphone and ten is the most expensive.

5. Nokia 8800 Gold Edition – $2,700

World most expensive Nokia
Nokia 8800 Gold Edition / World most expensive Nokia

This Nokia 8800 cost $2700, which is made of 24K Gold. Full specifications & features as a standard 8800, except for a slightly shiny limited edition box and charging lock.

4. Diamond Nokia E71  – $12,685

World most expensive Nokia
World most expensive Nokia

Defined as the latest workhorse, the Diamond Nokia E71 has been improved with 3.0 ct V51 diamonds. Who says you can’t shine at work!

3. Diamond Nokia N95 – $42,918

You’ll be glad to hear that when you pay the £12,000 sticker price, your phone also gets a year of “free” concierge service and a limited-edition number—you know, from 1 to 10.

2. Nokia 8800 Arte with pink diamonds – $131,650

This phone is built with solid 18K white gold Nokia 8800 is decorated with over 680 pink and white cut diamonds totaling over 21.5 carats.

1. Nokia 8800 Supreme – $156,000

I know you were surprised, who the hell is going to spend $156,000 be the proud owner of the Nokia Supreme, which is created and crafted by Stuart Hughes.

Around 1225 exclusively set scintillating gems are conducted by 12.5K of Pink diamonds. That’s not even introducing the solid hallmarked platinum handmade veneers & 8 platinum screws.

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